Speech Pathology Australia features Safe and Enjoyable Meals on Speak Up podcast

In September 2022, Amy Fitzpatrick (Speech Pathology Australia’s Senior Advisor for Disability) spoke with Professor Bronwyn Hemsley, Head of Speech Pathology at the University of Technology Sydney, and Project Lead of the “Co-creating Safe and Enjoyable Meals for People with Swallowing Disability” project about the co-design process and co-created training program. Amy was also involved in the project as a representative of Speech Pathology Australia.

In this podcast, Bronwyn talks about the impetus for the project, the collaborative process, and the goal to create a training package that emphasises a holistic approach to providing mealtime assistance including the significance of mealtimes, person-centred approaches to meal planning and food preparation, understanding the Mealtime Plan, positioning, and making mealtimes enjoyable. You can listen to the podcast via the following link:

Speak Up – Co-Creating Safe and Enjoyable Meals for People with Dysphagia – S04 E33 (Released 14 September 2022)