An older man is sitting in his wheelchair at a dining table. Someone, whose arms are in shot is helping cut a piece of bread for him.


The following resources are free to download and share in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 license. If you would like a copy of the Trainer Guide and Learner Workbook, submit a request via the form below or the Contact page.

Free Online Module (1.5 hr, self-directed): The NDIS Quality & Safeguards Commission has recently released a short (1.5hr), free, online e-learning module, called Supporting Safe and Enjoyable Meals. It is self-directed with no trainer, and can be done at any time, by anyone. It’s a very good introduction with simulations, scenarios, and questions. It follows the same topic and sequence in a very short version, for the training below. You can find the Supporting Safe and Enjoyable Meals online module here.

The Co-Creating Safe and Enjoyable Meals UTS Open Training Course is a full day interactive workshop for the UTS Open Certificate taught by a Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist and a person with swallowing disability who were involved in the development of the course. It is designed for people who work with people with dysphagia, supervisors, managers, allied health professionals – particularly direct support workers who work with people with severe dysphagia, support a lot of people with dysphagia (i.e., with diverse needs), support, coach or supervisor others to support people with dysphagia, or are involved in training or policy development. This full day course follows the same information in the self-directed online e-learning module above, but in more depth and with a full day workshop with active learning from a speech pathologist involved in developing the materials and a person with swallowing disability. Learners have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers and in interactive scenarios for active implementation of the strategies following the training.

 The next UTS Co-Creating Safe and Enjoyable Meals for People with Swallowing Disability workshop on 3rd Nov is now open for enrolments on the UTS Open website. Early bird special price of $300 (AUD, GST free) – full price of $395 (GST Free) from now to the 15th Oct (for the 3rd Nov). Use this link to register. Upon enrolment, learners join the Canvas site for the course and can access all materials to prepare for the one-day workshop on the 3rd Nov (full day of training online).

If you are supervising a UTS Speech Pathology Student on placement please email for your free voucher code.

Please do not register other people, they need to register directly themselves. UTS Open is designed to enable self-registration and self-enrolment. You cannot transfer your enrolment to another person on the day if you cannot attend (e.g., sick). They will need to pay and register. We do not currently support registration on behalf of others – each staff member must register as a learner directly. Each UTS Open participant will need to register a UTS Open account and self-enrol. If an organisation is paying on the participant’s behalf, they can request an invoice directly via the UTS Open website. This process creates an instant invoice that can be forwarded to the individual or organisation paying the invoice.

DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS about how to enrol in the UTS Open Course without a voucher code number are here with screenshots of the various steps in the UTS Open system for you to follow. Use Google Chrome for the best user experience. Contact for help!

The PDF below relates to How to Enrol for Any Party (you do NOT have a voucher code).

The below PDF relates to How to Enrol with a Voucher Code (UTS Agreement Speech Pathology Clinical Educators only).

The materials below are free to access and download.

Additional Resources PDF cover

Additional Resources

A Cook's Companion for People with Swallowing Difficulty PDF cover

A Cook’s Companion for People with Swallowing Difficulty

An Implementation Guide

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