CoMeT™: 3D Game Prototype in Development

Co-designing Mealtime Training in Virtual Reality (CoMeT VR)

We’re excited to announce the development of a web-based 3D game prototype as part of the Safe and Enjoyable Mealtimes project! This game is a pre-cursor to a virtual reality experience.

The initial quest in CoMeT™ is to create an IDDSI Level 4 (puree) meal for the person you are supporting by following the instructions in the Mealtime Plan and Cook’s Companion. After collecting your plan and recipe from your manager, you need to get to the kitchen, gather your ingredients from the pantry, cook them in the correct sequence, process to IDDSI Level 4, and plate up. If you’ve done a good job, you’ll get the thumbs up and a lot of kudos from the person you are supporting

The CoMeT™ game is designed to give learners a chance to apply the training in a practical and fun way by reiterating messages (checking the mealtime plan, preparing and following the steps of a recipe) and immersing the person in ‘challenge’ scenarios that put their problem-solving skills to use. At this stage we are creating the prototype, and we will let you know when you can try it out! The prototype will be ready for ‘user-testing’ in May 2022.

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