A woman cuts into a muffin while another woman watches her

Top Ten Tips for Managing Support Workers During Mealtime Assistance 

  1. Ensure that a copy of your mealtime plan is easily accessible, preferably in the kitchen.  
  1. Allow enough time for a shift in order for you to safely enjoy your meal. 
  1. Ensure all of your support workers have up to date First Aid training.     
  1. Explain to your support workers that choking and aspiration could make you very sick and in the worst case, even cause your death.  
  1. Explain the dangers of rushing mealtimes and the importance of assisting you at your own pace.  
  1. Make sure you are in the correct position for eating and drinking.  
  1. Ensure that your food is the right texture and your drinks are the right consistency as stated in your mealtime plan.  
  1. Your support workers should know where all the assistive technology that you use for mealtimes is kept.  
  1. Encourage all your support workers to undertake training in mealtime assistance.  
  1. Remind your support workers that mealtimes are meant to be enjoyable!